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Meet Leila

Island born and bred, Leila Hurst came of age in the fertile surfing grounds of Kauai, Hawaii. With an abundance of world-class surf all within her reach, she grew up with luminaries like Andy and Bruce Irons, Evan Valiere, Aamion Goodwin, Keala Kennelly and Bethany Hamilton in the water alongside her. Comfortable in just about any conditions the ocean can devise, Leila made a habit of being in the water when it's pumping, but don't count her out when the contest season gets underway. A distinguished member of the Hawaiian World Junior surf team and multiple time NSSA National Champion, in 2010 she was named Triple Crown Rookie of the Year. Most recently she was crowned the 2012 Women's World Junior Champion and placed second at the US Open of Surfing. Oh, but it's not just the judge's heads that she's turning, she's appeared in surf magazines around the world, as well as Outside Magazine and Vanity Fair.

"Being part of ZEAL is the best thing ever, they're different than any other sunglass company out there. What's different about ZEAL is that they care so much. I've never ridden for such a laidback team before so it's cool to experience that."
- Leila Hurst