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Meet Anton Krupicka

Anton Krupicka is a mountain athlete living in Boulder, CO. He is a two-time Leadville 100 Champion and two-time 50 mile Trail National Champion. In 2010, Krupicka was 2nd in the prestigious Western States 100, a race captured in the film Unbreakable: The Western States 100. After breaking his leg in 2011, Krupicka began to diversify his mountain endeavors to include climbing, skiing, and biking.

In addition to racing, he also started pursuing remote summits, long traverses, and ambitious link-ups in a self-powered, single-push, multi-sport style that requires a combination of fitness and technical/mountaineering skill. He is a footwear and apparel athlete for La Sportiva, and in addition to Zeal Optics is also sponsored by Ultimate Direction, Petzl, Ciele, and Stance.

"ZEAL's melding of fashion, function and performance in its products really fits with my personal style of having fun while seeking adventures in the mountains. I also really identify with what I see as their values of sustainability, consciousness, and authenticity."

- Anton Krupicka

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