yellow leafed trees in front of green forest background


yellow leafed trees in front of green forest background


Urban sprawl and deforestation is taming our wilds so ZEAL has partnered with American Forests to help rebuild our wilds with Project 5480. Each year we plant 5,480 trees, a number based on the elevation of our headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.

Additionally, over the last decade, pine beetles have remained active year round and are decimating the Rocky Mountains’ forests; completely altering ecosystems and causing severe fire risks. The beetles are estimated to have killed more than 70% of Colorado’s 1.5 million acres of forests and are expected to finish their work, leaving an area the size of Rhode Island barren.

ZEAL's efforts to build awareness among their customers of the need to protect our nation’s forests and to help restore forests through tree planting are a critically important contribution to achieving an ecologically sustainable future for all, - American Forests' Lea Sloan.

American Forests is the country’s oldest national nonprofit conservation organization and in the last two decades, they have planted more than 44 million trees. Our partnership works to ensure that future generations have beautiful forests to enjoy.

"American Forests applauds ZEAL Optics’ commitment to environmentally responsible practices.- LEA SLOAN, VP OF COMMUNICATIONS, AMERICAN FORESTS."