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Meet Marshall Mosher

Marshall Mosher is an extreme sports poly athlete, podcast host, TEDx speaker, and future technology consultant as a graduate of Singularity University. Marshall fundamentally believes that our default human desire for stability and comfort no longer serves our best interests in a world of exponential change. Therefore, throughout all he does, Marshall strives to inspire a mindset of possibility and courage to promote outcomes of innovation and change. As the lead Jet Suit pilot for Gravity USA, Marshall teaches the world’s top executives to physically embrace a passion for new technology by learning how to fly a jet pack! As the Founder and CEO of Vestigo, Marshall builds immersive VR adventures in the Web 3metaverse, where remote teams can build deeper relationships and foster a mindset of innovation through courage, working with clients like CNN, Microsoft, and Amazon. In his free time, Marshall personally lives by this mindset an avid action sport poly athlete, constantly seeking to challenge his own limits as a pro kiteboarder, paraglider pilot, whitewater kayaker, mountain biker, snowboarder, and caver.

"ZEAL has some amazing goggles that really make things easier while out in the backcountry."

- Mike Henitiuk

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Man skiing down a snowy mountain through trees

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