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liela Hurst

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Meet Kerry Koepping

Director - Arctic Arts Project, Research Affiliate - Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, Kerry is an internationally acclaimed environmental photographer and communicator with a passion for the outdoors and the Arctic. His work has been published in prestigious media channels throughout the world including the Smithsonian, NCAR, ECO, SwissCom , and the U.S. Arctic Research Commission. Kerry has also been a presenter at international forums and conferences on climate change; most recently at the Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavik, Iceland and The Visual Climate Change Forum at The University of Indonesia, Jakarta. Additionally, Kerry is an accomplished Arctic guide, leading more than a dozen remote adventures and expeditions in 4 Arctic countries. His unique vision for the Arctic Arts Project evolved while shooting in Denali, Alaska where he captured rarely seen permafrost polygon hummock imagery that evoked a passionate global response from naturalists, scientists and artists.

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- Leila Hurst