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Founders of The Latitude Project

Alanna & Jennifer Tynan

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Meet Alanna & Jennifer Tynan

Alanna founded The Latitude Project with her sister, Jennifer. They love oceans and mountains, exploring, and attempting to leave people and places slightly better off than before they meet them. They get excited about sunshine and snow, exploring, animal facts, really good pens, and various cheeses. They also wholeheartedly believes that our relationships and the effect we have on others will always be our most important adventure, so they're doing their best to live this life in ways that honor and explore just that. One of Latitude's founding principles is that improving and enjoying the world are not mutually exclusive. With that in mind, they work together with international communities to build solutions to their greatest needs: building schools and shelter, implementing literacy programs, creating clean water solutions, all while having a ball doing it.

"We admire that what drives the team behind Zeal Optics is not just business but community, heart, and an authentic desire to live what they love. We feel the same desire to go beyond the ordinary, to take risks at the expense of creating something better."

- Alanna & Jennifer Tynan

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