Optimum Polarized Jade Mirror


About Optimum Polarized Jade Mirror

Never jaded, the ZEAL Optics Optimum Polarized Jade goggle lens is your rose-colored outlook for variable days. When others see clouds, see possibilities. When others see monotone, see contrast and parlay a clear view into an all-mountain skiing and snowboarding playground. When variable light sends fair-weather folk to the lodge, take advantage and turn the uncrowded slopes into your sandbox.

Building on the foundation of our Optimum goggle lens technologies, this lens features all of Optimum’s revolutionary technologies including our proprietary Everclear Anti-fog and Permashield Hardcoat, while adding polarized protection for a glare-free of the mountain while you’re skiing or snowboarding. With a VLT of 18%, this is your perfect companion for bright-to-overcast days, with a rose base that and color enhancers for maximum color, clarity and contrast.

Best For: Partly Cloudy Days

Polarized Jade Mirror Over Snowy Mountains