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ian Wood

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Meet Ian Wood

Since he started snowboarding at the ripe young age of 12, Ian has gone on to travel the world. He's put down lines from Chile to AK and back to his native Northwest, searching for adventure and living every moment to it's gritty fullest.

Ian's pursuits range from skating and surfing to traveling, reading and writing, and one of his proudest achievements to date was a recent Snowboarder feature he wrote and starred in on the photo front about a trip to India—"It was pretty much my purest snowboard adventure to date—no BS, all adventure and powder!"

While it's these adventures that keep the stoke and creativity running high for Ian, the true incentive and narrative thread has deeper roots.
"What motivates me is having a positive presence in people's lives," he says. "Stoking people out, sharing good times and scaring myself along the way. Trying to better myself in the process. Oh and deep powder... always deep powder!"

We couldn't agree more.

"ZEAL is at the forefront of all companies in my opinion. Sunglasses that are made from biodegradable materials? Game changing! Plus their lenses are as crisp as it gets. "

- Ian Wood

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