Optimum Polarized Automatic Plus GB


About Optimum Polarized Automatic Plus GB

Optimum Polarized Automatic Plus is ZEAL's patented Polarized + Photochromic lens technology built to adjust to changing light conditions and is the only goggle lens you'll ever need on the mountain. This lens, builds on the foundation of our Optimum and Optimum Polarized technologies, incorporating all their technologies including our proprietary Everclear Anti-fog and Permashield Hardcoat. The GB features a grey-base for added contrast in low-light conditions, and automatically adjusts from a low-light grey with a 38% VLT, to a high visibility, deep rose with an 18% VLT for sunny conditions. With Automatic+, you'll never change your lens again as you explore the mountains, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, climbing or trekking.

One Lens, Every Condition

Polarized Lens Over Snowy Mountains