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Meet Clean Cruiser Project

The Clean Cruiser Project began with two rusty Land Cruisers, a couple of beers, and a dream to embark on a 60-day overland expedition from Paso Robles, California to Panama.

As the rust was removed the goal evolved. In the true spirit of adventure, we sought to add to the challenge by completing the entire expedition carbon neutral. We are turning to biofuels and reforestation efforts to accomplish this mission. After a few calculations we discovered that planting roughly 200 trees would neutralize the vehicles carbon emissions. Still, we wanted to make a more significant impact.

OUR GOAL: Plant over 10,000 trees in 2019.

The Clean Cruiser team will be producing a web-based reality series which will focus on conservation efforts around the world, and, of course, the vehicles themselves. We will travel to conservation sites, lending a hand and gaining an understanding of the impact these efforts are making on our planet.

For every $10 donated our nonprofit will plant one additional tree.​

Follow The Clean Cruiser Team from restoration to destination!

"We love representing Zeal because they are showing all of us how to make a high quality competitive product and still be environmentally friendly. We want to show people that they can travel in an environmentally friendly way."

- Clean Cruiser Project

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