Made Denim


Frame: Made Denim

Lens: Metal Mirror - The rose base brings the contrast. The Metal Mirror reduces glare and blinding rays. Together, they're unstoppable in nearly any condition.

SKU: 10270

Fit: Large

VLT: 20%

Frame: Henley Blue

Lens: Blue Bird Mirror - Versatile in changing conditions with a warm tint.

SKU: 10272

Fit: Large

VLT: 65%

Frame: Peruvian Gold

Lens: Alchemy Mirror - From sunny skies to snowy trees, Alchemy combines science and sight to have you seeing every contour of the slope as a golden playground.

SKU: 10462

Fit: Large

VLT: 30%

Frame: Foxfire

Lens: Phoenix Mirror - The PHOENIX is rising to meet your needs. From flat light, to partly-sunny days, this lens has you covered from the inside, and gives a bright outlook to onlookers.

SKU: 10784

Fit: Large

VLT: 30%


This winter, expand your view of the mountains with LEVEL. The craftsmanship that has gone into LEVEL creates maximum visual surface with an amazing, textured color palette that has won numerous awards for the best peripheral vision in skiing and snowboarding. Each LEVEL style features unique design elements like custom patchwork, textile inspired patterns and linear designs. LEVEL was born out of a need to bring to market a stylish, oversized frame for everyone on the mountain.