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Andrew Burns

Meet Andrew Burns

In snowboard circles, the Whistler Backcountry is legendary. Straight out of high school, a young Andrew Burns heeded the call and has come to know and own this zone like few others in the sport's history. With so much amazing terrain in his backyard, Burns is luckier than most but feeds his wanderlust with globetrotting escapades including coaching at Argentina's SASS Global Travel in the summers and spring missions to AK. A light-hearted shreder who's quick to laugh and always down to share a tale over a beer or on the lift, Burns is a renaissance man in the truest sense, seeking stoke skating, at the lake, hanging with friends and family – all the while, living a life outdoors to Explore More! When asked about his approach to living the life he loves, Burns sums it up succinctly: "Every day, I just try and be the best Burns I can be. I like to have fun."

"I really like the goggles and shades, as well as the company. Zeal Optics is sweet!"

-Andrew Burns