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Austen Sweetin

Meet Austen Sweetin

After recently breaking into the snowboarding elite, Austen is rapidly becoming a household name. Known as the "Golden Child", Austen is not only an amazing snowboarder, but also an incredible skater and golfer and seems to have a Seattle-strength addiction to coffee. Austen tends to shy away from the glitz and glam – he usually rides sans jacket and has been known to duct tape a camera to his gloves to get the shot while in motion. He is super high energy and a try-anything-once mentality. Recently ranked #6 Rider of the Year for 2017, Austen is a natural talent. Austen's home mountain is Snoqualmie and his favorite tricks are the Method Back 180 and Switch Method.

"One of the things I love about Zeal Optics is that they make all their sunglasses sustainably from the castor plant!"

-Austen Sweetin