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Byron Bagwell

Meet Byron Bagwell

For pro snowboarder Byron, riding white walls after hours of skinning backcountry terrain, accessing powder via heli or cat with his friends keeps the adrenal gland well fed. "My experiences shared in the mountains with blood brothers are unparalleled." Byron's passion has taken on new meaning as of late. In addition to boarding, he also helps run a low impact Urban Farm in his hometown, which specializes in food security and job training. His efforts to give back to an environment that provides so much for him is making a positive impact throughout the hometown community. "I've been inspired by people who create their own reality regardless of what status or class considers proper." Besides snowboarding and green thumbing, Bryon can be found immersed in ever-changing art mediums. "I never do the same project or technique twice," he adds. This fluid take on living acts as a reminder for us to inject improvisation and creativity into the day-to-day routine.

"I'm down with Zeal Optics because they are conscious of human impact on the earth."

-Byron Bagwell