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Zeal Optics Mountain Biker

Christian Little

Meet Christian Little

Dr. Christian Little has lived, raced, adventured, and worked with athletes in various parts of the world, most recently NZ. Through her journey of miracles and hardship, she hopes to encourage and inspire others on the trail to take in the beautiful experience and live life to the fullest. Within a year, she fell off a mountain while MTBing in NZ and in the midst of recovery, she mountain biked across the European Alps in honor of her best friends mom, lost her best friend, lost her 14yo pup to terminal cancer and started a purpose-driven MTB entrepreneurial life/leap2fly. Her faith is what carried her through the hardest time in her life and has used the hardship as an opportunity for growth, and to find purpose going forward. Leap2fly MTB retreats and guiding was born in the midst of her healing in the European alps as she realized part of her purpose going forward would be to encourage and inspire others through the outdoors and MTBing. She strives to continue growing as well and returned to NZ to complete the multi day MTB mission that she fell on 2 years prior. She is an adventurous soul who loves exploring this beautiful world on two wheels and sharing the experience with others. Previously a professor of PT and now provides PT to athletes from Yeti Factory Riders to Red Bull athletes, MTB coaches, outdoor industry guide, and leads MTB retreats around the world. When Christian isn't biking you can probably find her backcountry splitboarding, surfing, or adventuring in the outdoors around the world or striving to encourage and inspire others through leap2fly.

Zeal Optics values making a positive impact by supporting athletes and the communities to explore more and giving back through the outdoors and adventure in ways that I am passionate about as well.

-Christian Little