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Zeal Optics Expedition Guide, Creative Photographer and Conservationist

Court Whelan

Meet Court Whelan

Court is an Expedition Leader and Director of Sustainability at Natural Habitat Adventures, a nature and wildlife travel company. Guiding worldwide, recent travels have taken him from Antarctica to Zambia, quite literally, and everywhere in between. Upcoming adventures include photographic safaris to Madagascar, Borneo, Uganda, Baja, and the Arctic. Having studied conservation biology, ecotourism, and entomology, he earned his Ph.D. at the University of Florida, then moved out to Boulder, Colorado years ago in pursuit of the outdoor lifestyle and progressive environmental ethic of this city at the base of the mighty Rocky Mountains. Having guided several hundred expeditions around the world, Court’s goal is to "help people travel to and learn about extraordinary natural areas to make meaningful lifelong impressions.” Between his expedition leadership and photography, he strives to preserve our natural world by showcasing its immense beauty from pole to pole. You can follow along with him on his website and on instagram @court_whelan.

To have the best photographic eye, you've got to protect what you've got. Doing so in style is a real plus. Zeal Optics's sustainable manufacturing and materials used in their glasses is something I can really get behind.

-Court Whelan