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Human-Powered Skiing

Donny Roth

Meet Donny Roth

Donny doesn't remember the first time he skied.  The earliest impressions have all blended together into this image of playing in the backyard and sliding down the local hill between his mom's feet.  By the time his father took him to his first area, he was hooked and it has been the center of my attention since then.  His childhood was spent ski racing and dreaming of adventures in bigger mountains. Americans don't hire guides in the same way Europeans do.  Americans are independent by nature and want to experience the risk and reward of individual effort.  He understands this.  He still wants to share the mountains – the real mountains, outside the resorts – with as many people as possible.  He turned to the place where many of us get so much of our information – the Internet.  He created his first blog in 2006 while living in Europe.  This opened the door to work with more traditional print and online media.  These both led to small sponsorships, which created their own opportunities.  Donny accomplished a childhood dream by appearing in Sweetgrass Productions' Solitaire and Valhalla.  He is now sponsored by some of the best companies in the industry and is focused on smaller, independent media projects. All this media work is supposed to inspire, inform and educate.  It's an extension of his true passion – guiding. He is a ski guide and an ambassador for human-powered skiing adventure and wants to inspire people to find themselves in the wild mountains of the world.  He believes that a great ski guide needs to have a tremendous amount of experience – and all that experience needs to fade into the background. He believes others come first, and he wants them to create experiences of their own while chasing unique dreams. 

Be curious. Go into the mountains with something to learn, not something to prove.

-Donny Roth