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Eric Larsen

Meet Eric Larsen

Eric Larsen's path of polar exploration is perhaps the least traveled on the planet and his accomplishments speak for themselves. Since going forth from his rural Wisconsin roots, Larsen has gone on to complete the first and only "summer" journey to the North Pole, traveled to the North and South Poles and the summit of Mt. Everest within 365 days, and finally completed the "Last North Expedition" – an unsupported journey to the North Pole with Zeal Optics Ambassador Ryan Waters. "I'm passionate about big expeditions to remote and extreme environments," says Larsen. My motivation to plan these types of trips comes from a combination of curiosity and physical challenge, as well as an overall feeling of responsibility and stewardship for our planet." This passion for stewardship of the environment resonates in Eric's prolific online and speaking engagements along with amazing tales from corners of the globe that most of us will never see. Catch Eric's heroic stories of exploration as evidenced by his Ted Talk below!

"Zeal Optics has great products, people, philosophies and ethics. Do I really need to say anything more than that?"

-Eric Larsen