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Fredi Kalbermatten

Meet Fredi Kalbermatten

Growing up in Saas-Fee, Switzerland, a mountain sports utopia, snowboarding became a defining part of Frederik Kalbermatten's life at a very young age. The son and grandson of mountain guides, Fredi has learned to see and ride the mountain with a unique style that has landed him 50 magazine covers and counting. "Saas-Fee is still my favorite place to shred," says Fredi. "I'm inspired through my binoculars – looking, exploring and finding new, cool features. We have a little bit of everything and always have good snow." Fredi has earned this dream through a career spent honing his craft and working with some of the best in the business to land banger after banger, including multiple closers with Standard Films. "I take my time scoping out the perfect feature, which helps me see things that other people miss," explains Kalbermatten about his approach to riding—one that's earned him global recognition and made him a perfect fit amongst Zeal Optics's family of explorers.

"Zeal Optics really fits with the way I want to live my life in terms of eco-awareness and responsibility."

-Fredi Kalbermatten