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Jeremy Hottinger

Meet Jeremy Hottinger

At the age of 10, Jeremy was given a bike to stay out of trouble and discovered a way of life that finally made sense. Riding all day every day in the desert landscape of Virgin, Utah became a defining form of meditation and self expression. “When I’m on my bike nothing else matters but every moment I see, smell and feel dirt all around me. It’s like my bike becomes a part of me flowing down a mesa and flying through the air. Words can’t describe it; makes me feel alive.” In 2015 Jeremy’s passion and dedication won him a number plate to the most extreme event in riding, Redbull Rampage. Stoked to keep riding and pushing myself. Always spread positive vibes!

I'm down with Zeal Optics beacuse life's about giving back and making the world a better place. Zeal Optics does just that.

-Jeremy Hottinger