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Jon Kedrowski

Meet Jon Kedrowski

A Colorado native, Jon strapped on his first set of skis before his second birthday. His addiction to the western Rockies only grew and in 2011, Jon became the first person to spend the night on Colorado's 58 highest mountains in a mere 95 days. Fueled by these feats, his vertical addiction brought him to the top of Everest in 2012. In the subsequent years, he became one of the few Americans to ever climb and ski down Gasherbrum II — an 8000m Pakistanian peak; camp atop behemoths like Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Shasta, Baker and Ranier, release his new book "Skiing and Sleeping on the Summits: Cascade Volcanoes;" and stand atop 5 of the world's 7 continental summits. "We live in an awesome world and my goal is to leave it better than I found it. Giving back through my projects is something I have to do," says Jon. If you're lucky, you may just catch him chasing down his next dream, bivvy and headlight in tow.

"I identify with Zeal Optics because it speaks to who I am: a Ski Mountaineer, Guide, Geographer and Explorer. An environmentally sustainable eyewear company whose products are not only comfortable but functional is paramount for big mountain projects."

-Jon Kedrowski