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Snowboarder / Explorer

Kaitlyn Farrington

Meet Kaitlyn Farrington

Kaitlyn is a huge believer in doing what's best for you—an attitude that has brought her to winning a Gold medal in the 2014 Olympics for halfpipe. Shortly after, however, she had to retire due to being diagnosed with Congenital Cervical Stenosis. On December 17, 2015, she received a final call from her doctor and decided to become an adventure boarder. Seeking soul rides and bottomless powder, she started hiking peaks to find solace & beauty in the mountains. These days, you can find her farming for good snow in the backcountry mountains of her home in Whitefish, Montana!

Being apart of Zeal Optics means I joined a family besides all the awesome riders. It means a lot to know the people within the company care. It's not just a team!

-Kaitlyn Farrington