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Liz Clark

Meet Liz Clark

Professional surfer and international sailor Liz Clark is known for her environmental awareness and an unwavering passion for adventure. Dedicating herself to simple living and hard work, Liz's career highlights include winning the 2001 National Scholastic Surfing Association and College Women's National Surfing Championship. Since 2006, her sailboat Swell has been her home and travel companion in circumnavigating the world. In 2007, Surfing Magazine named Liz one of five "World's Most Committed Surfers." In 2008, she completed the first solo ocean crossing to and from the Line Islands in French Polynesia—a voyage of over 3,500 miles. "My most powerful activism is through the choices I make in my daily life - being true to myself, loving my fellow friends and honoring the Earth every chance I get. I only partner with companies that embody these same values." Liz is now continuing to #ExploreMore aboard Swell navigating over 30,000 nautical miles of ocean to date. Bon Voyage, Liz!

"Zeal Optics' eyewear is made out of castor bean oil, not petroleum! This means fun, high-quality eyewear without compromising my commitment to sustainable living."

-Liz Clark