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Lucas Arsenault

Meet Lucas Arsenault

Lucas Arsenault is a professional kiteboarder from Prince Edward Island, Canada. Early in life, he couldn't have been further away from the surf world. Growing up in Canada, it’s not you’re typical sport introduced at a young age like hockey or snowboarding. He began kiteboarding in his early teens, learning from his older brother at their family cottage. From the first day on the board, Lucas quickly rose through the National rankings and became Canadian Junior Champion in 2014. Two years later, he won the 2016 Canadian Championships. Now, in 2017 fresh off his first international win at the Kite Clash open, Lucas’ kiteboarding career is on the rise and continues to thrive as he travels year-round to kiteboarding destinations around the world. The ride has just begun and he’s looking forward to keep pursuing the top spot in the sport.

It’s a honour being part of the Zeal Optics brand. The outdoor image and the solid quality suit my lifestyle perfectly.

-Lucas Arsenault