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Mike Henitiuk

Meet Mike Henitiuk

To say Mike Henitiuk is an incredible skier is an understatement. He dominates handrails, slays it in the air and can ski moguls faster than anyone we know. In Winter 2016, Heni's expertise in the white-walled backcountry amounted to the cinematic culmination of a Vimeo Staff Pick series titled 'Seeking Nirvana'. Three installments of mountain village magic in the deep valleys of glacier-crusted Whistler, El Nino takes hold as four men make haste into the storm in search of vast powder bowls, to which the mountain village has garnered a reputation. Adventure begins in their hometown hill and instills a powerful sense of wonderment, a rekindling of old friendships amongst a case of Cabin Fever and a Lucky Strike of untracked landscapes filled with powder glory. Seeking Nirvana is as much a rally cry as a right of passage. Keep your eyes peeled for what the future has in store for Heni, as it's looking white and bright.

"Zeal Optics has some amazing goggles that really make things easier while out in the backcountry."

-Mike Henitiuk