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Piers Solomon

Meet Piers Solomon

I was born in central Switzerland and raised by an American mother and a British father. My mother taught me how to ski at age 3 and when I was 6 years old I joined the local ski team/club. Throughout the rest of my childhood and early teens I raced intensely and trained a lot. Growing older I got drawn to other aspects of skiing outside the racing scene more and more. I spent more time after races and training just fooling around on skis with friends wherever we could while at the same time slowly developing a taste for powder too. So I quit racing when I was 16, got a pair of twin-tips and just started exploring the freedom of Freeskiing/Freeriding. Pretty quickly I realized that this is something I would like to do as much as I possibly can. Through local friends and mentors I started shooting photos with photgrpaher friends a bit, riding a few comps and getting first sponsorships. When I was 18 I met photographer Oskar Enander whom I started shooting with a lot and through which I got to DPS Skis and Patagonia, both companies that I still work with today and also Sweetgrass productions which was how I then got into shooting film as well. Shooting photos is what got me into the industry and it’s still a huge part of my skiing today. Over the years now I’ve been exploring the world on skis shooting photos, filming for DPS Cinematic Productions a lot, working as a guide and coach for SASS Global Travel.

You are a function of what the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is a function of what the whole ocean is doing.

-Piers Solomon