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Sandra Hillen

Meet Sandra Hillen

Luck. The first piece of Sandra's story starts with being lucky enough to discover and pursue her true passion. Growing up in the flat lands of Kansas, who knew she would one day become a year-round, powder-chasing professional snowboarder. She knew she loved snowboarding before she had even seen one in person, and moving to Colorado for college at age 18 created an irreversible change in her life. Despite all the hard falls, the bone-chilling blizzardy days and gut wrenching defeats, she keeps coming back to her all time favorite activity in life. The low moments make the good times that much more sweet and she wouldn't trade it for the world. She's so freaking lucky. Fast-forward to 2014, and an irrefutable passion earned her a spot on the Mexican snowboard team, supporting her family's roots. "The road to the Olympics was definitely the most amazing experience ever," elates Sandra. "I had never competed at that level before, so it definitely pushed me to step up to the occasion." When asked about her approach to life, Sandra's response is, "Getting out of your comfort zone keeps you young. Travel more."

"Zeal Optics is such a rad company that emphasizes going out there and experiencing life—getting lost on earth and exploring more. I think more people need to take that attitude toward life. "

-Sandra Hillen