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Sarka Pancochova

Meet Sarka Pancochova

When her parents got Sarka Pancochova her first snowboard for Christmas years ago, they had no idea just what they were setting in motion. From that day, her love for the mountains and effortless style helped propel her from her backyard that cold winter day to podiums around the globe, winning the World Snowboard Tour and a top-five finish in the 2014 Olympics. "I'm constantly exploring new adventures in and outside of snowboarding," says Sarka. "Being a pro snowboarder for so many years taught me that when bad things happen, it always turns out to be for something good and important in my life. So I never take any moment for granted and I try to live in the present moment every day of my life." Sarka's outlook and motivation has made her a key member of the Zeal Optics family and her approach to life sums up what we are all about: "Have faith in your abilities and don't let your ego take over your life. Stay present at all times!"

"Zeal Optics makes amazing products with very low impact on the environment - I hope they will inspire more brands to go this way, because it is possible."

-Sarka Pancochova