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Steve House

Meet Steve House

Alpinist, speaker, mountain guide, author and coach Steve House grew up skiing and climbing in the Elkhorn Mountains of northeastern Oregon, but was captivated by the Himalayas at an early age. "I made my first climbing expedition to an 8,000-meter peak when I was 20-years old to Nanga Parbat in Pakistan," explains House, who has gone on to put in a new route up that mountain's Rupal Face, the world's biggest wall-the feat he's most proud of in his career. When asked why he climbs mountains, Steve answers quickly: "It's the challenge of approaching and hopefully solving a complex problem: fitness, diet, technical climbing problems, weather, navigation, staying psyched. It's challenging. It's fun." "My wife Eva and I have been working really hard to develop a mentorship program for young alpinists," adds Steve. "Our non-profit is called Alpine Mentors (www.alpinementors). I'm really focused on getting this going now because the community needs it and is ready for it." We are excited to be along for the ride with this trailblazer mountaineer.

"From plant-based materials to their zero-waste Rx lab, Zeal Optics walks their talk and encourages leading the examined life, individually as well as corporately. If I can help Zeal Optics succeed, then that's a win for the environment."

-Steve House