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Whit Boucher

Meet Whit Boucher

In Aspen, Colorado, where women flock like the salmon of Capistrano, lives Whit Boucher. Originally from Greenwich, Connecticut, Whit moved to Colorado to pursue his dream of skiing big mountains. Whit graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he studied art, and continues to hone his skills when he isn't out hiking to earn fresh turns in the high country or mountain biking in Moab's dirt-ridden desert. Whit also works to represent a ski apparrel brand, Strafe Outerwear, based out of Aspen, CO. A backflip connoisseur, Whit hucked meat off of a 50 foot cliff for the Snowmass Freeride Skiing Championships back in '09 and lived to tell the tale! In 2015, Whit started a project called Bike The 14ers with his friend Ian Fohrman. Together, they aim to provide detailed information and stories about each of the 18 peaks located in Colorado's National Forests by exploring new areas, spending time in the saddle, and capturing stunning images of the experience along the way. Stay tuned for Whit's next adrenaline-filled adventure.

Being a part of Zeal Optics feels like being part of a close knit family. My opinion is always appreciated.

-Whit Boucher