Meet Mark Kogelmann

State College, Pennsylvania doesn't necessarily provide the most opportune skiing conditions, but that didn't stop Mark Kogelmann from chasing his dream of becoming a professional big mountain skier. Cutting his teeth in the racing circuit at Tussey Mountain, Kogelmann's need for speed quickly turned into a longing for bigger air and better powder. He set his sights on Crested Butte to make his dream a reality. Mark can also be seen behind the lens directing award-winning short films like Kashmir. This combined with his addiction to the nomadic lifestyle manifested into a film company Soulryders Productions that has taken him from the top of the Himalayas to the Andes.

Trading moderation for exhilaration, Mark comes from a different breed of skiers who love big airs on natural backcountry features. Whether it's on or off the mountain, I push things as far as they can possibly go, says Mark. It's this determination to redefine the norm that has us at ZEAL stoked to bring him aboard.

"I'm down with Zeal because of the people that make the brand and the sustainable values that back it."
- Mark Kogelmann