Meet Greg Von Doersten

Born in California, Greg crisscrossed the country with stints in the Midwest and college in Montana before returning to a land that had beckoned him since childhood, Wyoming's Teton Mountains. Here, Von Doersten honed his craft against a surreal backdrop for the last 20 years telling and seeking out other corners of the world that rival the Yellowstone basin.

I've always tried to separate myself by seeking out original stories set in untapped mountain ranges and exotic countries for pleasure and for my work, says Greg.

Von Doersten loves to raise his bar and tell stories that push the limits of his subjects and his viewers' imagination, photographing athletes in all disciplines of the adventure realm who continue to push their goals while documenting their expeditions and dreams.

I'm motivated documenting projects that are beyond most peoples comfort levels, he adds. In the end, your work is what you have left over after a happy and fulfilling life. I hope it inspires others to get out and live their dreams.

"I back ZEAL because they support sustainability in every product they produce using plant-based materials in 100% of their sunglass frames. ZEAL is leading the change in this technology! "
- Greg Von Doersten