Meet Chris Morgan

Don't let his small-town farming roots from Monroe, Washington deceive you. Chris Morgan has a heightened perspective that only comes from flying one of the nation's fastest fighter jets. Chris had a successful career in the US Air Force and AF Reserve where he flew jet aircrafts for nineteen years. He then left one accomplished dream in pursuit of another: adventure sports photography and videography. My goal is to inspire my children to see the wonder in this world, to get out and be a part of it, and to be positive influences on the people they meet, says Chris

With two successful careers under his belt, a home designed and built in Utah by him and his wife, and his steadfast devotion to his marriage and family, it goes without saying that Chris is cut from a different cloth.

He'll also tell you that the fun is in sharing the adventure with somebody else. We couldn't be more excited to welcome him to our esteemed team of explorers, pioneers and nomads.

"I'm down with ZEAL because the company is doing a great job implementing industry-leading, sustainable practices to create world class products."
- Chris Morgan