Meet Anton Krupicka

Growing up in rural Nebraska, Anton Krupicka developed a connection to wide-open spaces surrounding his family's Niobrara farm. Anton took to his feet to explore the trails lacing the landscape, leading to his first marathon at the age of 12. This was but the first step in what has become an illustrious career, leading Krupicka around the world and including two stops atop the Leadville 100 podium.

"Ever since I moved to Colorado in 2001, my running and climbing have been my most essential expression," says Tony. "My parents ingrained this in me at an early age, and it will always be a core aspect of my identity."

Krupicka's passion has progressed into some of the most grueling training imaginable and races on the planet – routes that would kill your average hiker and leave other trail runners in awe.

"I'm inspired by the mountains," says Krupicka. "I enjoy looking at a landscape and then integrating myself with it by moving quickly and efficiently over the terrain."

"ZEAL's melding of fashion, function and performance in its products really fits with my personal style of having fun while seeking adventures in the mountains. I also really identify with what I see as their values of sustainability, consciousness, and authenticity."
- Anton Krupicka
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