Meet Alison Teal

Alison caught the travel bug early, growing up home schooled around the globe by her adventure photographer parents. She spent her youth in the pages of Patagonia catalogs and National Geographic. Whether riding an elephant, living at Everest base camp or on a camel safari in the most primitive, exotic and dangerous places on earth, Alison took to roaming and has never looked back.

When asked what inspires her to this day, her answer harkens back to those formative days - My wild parental units who have literally 'given me the world,' the ocean, which constantly changes and challenges me with a different wave to ride.

With a mission to give back to the cultures of the world, chart a path of sustainability and raise awareness about plastic pollution in the seas through her comedic film series: Alison's Adventures, Alison and ZEAL's paths were bound to merge with our combined mission to Explore More!

"People say you are what you eat, but I believe you also 'are what you wear.' Living sustainably isn't just about what you do, but also about what you put on your body. Wearing eco eye protection is #1 RAD, #2 benefits the planet, and #3 helps you see the world through eco lenses. Thanks ZEAL for making that possible!"
- Alison Teal