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Meet Chris Del Moro

Raised between Florence, Italy and Los Angeles, California, Chris Del Moro's passion for the ocean developed at a young age, rapidly taking over nearly all his waking hours, thoughts and dreams.

"My passion was like wildfire-the connection to the sea has shaped my world, my friends, and general direction since I was born," explains Del Moro.

Chris's fluid, powerful style on a board have garnered the attention of surfers across the globe, and appearances in a long list of films including "The Present", "Sliding Liberia", "The Heart and The Sea", and most recently a film he helped create alongside Jason Baffa, "Bella Vita".

"I'm inspired by progressing my surfing with more power and flow while simultaneously studying our rich surfing history," says Del Moro. "I'm eternally looking for barrels with small crowds in beautiful locations to test new equipment and myself."

Chris also helps run the Surfers For Cetaceans group and is an advocate for captive dolphin/whale trade and the injustices that ensue.

"I love the fact that the ZEAL team is thinking outside the box, making not only stylish shades but doing it with an earth-conscious approach—and they are made in Italy!"
- Chris Del Moro