Meet Josh Mulcoy

Santa Cruz, California is legendary for breeding surfers. People fall in love with the sea, developing a deep connection with the water and the many forms of life that it brings. Growing up in Santa Cruz, Mulcoy learned his craft early from his father, who instilled a love of the ocean and travelling that put Josh on a path to becoming a professional surfer.

Josh's passion has led him to some of the most pristine and untraveled breaks on the planet.

Finding new waves that people have never surfed in the Charlottes, Alaska, and Scotland is why I love to travel, says Mulcoy. It doesn't happen too many times in your life where you find incredible waves that no one has surfed before.

Whether you find Josh at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz or a deserted beach in the DR, Mexico, around the Pacific Northwest, or hard at work booking surf trips for people around the world with, Mulcoy’s drive to Explore More is contagious.

"ZEAL fits what I believe in. I love the product and that ZEAL wants to reach out and find new things in life—not just the same locations people go everyday. The world is a big place and there is so much to explore."
- Josh Mulcoy
Josh's Favorites