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Meet The Latitude Project

Drawing on a lifetime of travel, the founders of The Latitude Project work to create stronger communities by working with locals and travelers in some of the world's best surf destinations.

Alanna and Jennifer Tynan grew up traveling to Central America with their windsurfing-addicted mother, where they fell in love and made deep connections with the culture and communities.

They begin to realize just how different their lives in Canada were from those of their friends in places like Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador. While their friends in the southern latitudes were full of life, spirit, and happiness, they lacked access to education, health care, and clean water. Jennifer and Alanna responded by creating The Latitude Project.

We're not claiming to be a couple of Mother Teresas: we're imperfect humans with a desire to leave the world a little better than it was when we got here," mention the sisters. "After all the airport line-ups and broken down engines, moments of mutuality and reciprocal glimpses of gratitude, we've come to learn that improving the world and enjoying the world are not mutually exclusive.

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