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Dark Grey Polarized


Frame: Eclipse

Lens: Dark Grey Polarized | VLT: 10%

About Dark Grey Polarized

What makes a great day on the hill? Friends. Powder. Amazing terrain. All of these come together to create the passion we seek in the mountains—but without quality equipment it can all fall apart. Your vision sets the tone and builds the memories that you take away and last a lifetime, and the power of our polarized lens technology will keep your eyesight keen for a lifetime of skiing and snowboarding. ZEAL Optics' line of polarized lenses has you covered in any weather conditions ranging from bluebird to whiteout and the new Dark Grey Polarized lens is your go to guy when the sun is shining and the horizon is yours to explore more!

  • Polarized Lens Option
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Everclear Anti-Fog
  • Permashield Hardcoat
  • Dual Lens Construction
  • High Density Lens Technology
Best For: Bluebird Days

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