two tents glow from the inside as a green glow illuminates the sky above them



Skier hiking in the snow at the base of a mountain
Meet Dan Sohner

Dan Sohner is a photographer, storyteller, climber and wanderer. He takes pride in his values, volunteer work, patience, the power of food and his ability to communicate succinctly. [@dansohner] (

"I back ZEAL because they support sustainability in every product they produce using plant-based materials in 100% of their sunglass frames. ZEAL is leading the change in this technology! "

- Greg Von Doersten

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Skier in blue snowsuit hiking through the snow

Wilderness Is Inherited: A RMNP Odyssey

No matter where we are in the Park, no matter what we are doing and how isolated or alone we may feel, we can’t forget that there were generations who came before us.

Two men smiling in the Zeal store under a Zeal Optics sign

ZEAL Optics: Rocky Mountaineering Recap

Another Industry Night has come and gone. But the inspiration instilled in those that attended last night’s event, Rocky Mountaineering: Backcountry in our Backyard, lives on in the hearts of local crushers and seasoned (ski) alpinists alike.

Skier in black cap and sweatshirt carrying all his gear in front of a yellow train car

Springtime In Colorado’s Chicago Basin

Join Dan Sohner - photographer, storyteller, climber and wanderer - as he explores southern Colorado #ThroughOurLenses. Dan meets up with an eclectic group of explorers and heads south by foot, train, and ski to chase some of the last turns in Colorado!