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Gabriel Rovick

Gabe hiking at sunset wearing Zeal sunglasses and carrying climbing ropes
Meet Gabriel Rovick

Gabriel Rovick is a true Colorado native. His upbringing nurtured fostered an insatiable appetite for creating unforgettable imagery. This entrepreneurial adrenaline junky’s camera has taken him deep in the Canadian backcountry, across The Drakes Passage into Antarctica, through Asia and beyond. He is the Founder and Creative Director at F4D Studio, the host of The Authentic Beings Podcast, and a loving husband. All of his endeavors are driven by his purpose of curating stories worth telling. He has been employing and leading his team for more than 13 years. Gabe finds fulfillment from using his platforms to elevate voices and stories that need to be heard.

"Being an adventure photographer, your eyes are your biggest tool. Zeal Optics gives me the eye protection I need for life outside."

- Gabriel Rovick


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