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Chris Morgan

Man spraying snow as he skis down a mountain
Meet Chris Morgan

Chris Morgan has a heightened perspective that only comes from flying one of the nation's fastest fighter jets. After a successful career in the US Air Force, he left one dream job in pursuit of another: adventure sports photography and videography.

"My goal is to inspire my children to see the wonder in this world, to get out and be a part of it, and to be positive influences on the people they meet."

- Chris Morgan

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Man walking on a slackline between two trees in a green park

Portland Slacklife, a short by Chris Morgan

What would inspire a person to precariously balance themselves and walk across a long piece of webbing spanning hundreds of feet above gorges, waterfalls, and tall towers?

Man standing in the shallow water of a lake at the base of a mountain

Great American Road Trip | Chris Morgan

Two fellow van travelers took turns strumming on a guitar, confidently playing Led Zeppelin songs in the tiny park next to the deserted main street as the setting sun pushed the long shadow of the imposing mountains out on to the long lake...

Profile of a skier in green coat holding his skis as he walks in the snow

ZEAL Optics: Skier Dave Rosen

Words and captures by Chris Morgan. Despite losing his way during his 20s, Dave Rosen never lost his love for skiing. Sober and motivated, Dave is determined to make up for lost time.