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SOS Outreach was founded in 1993 in the Vail Valley of Colorado as the Snowboard Outreach Society. The original goal of the organization was to introduce at-risk youth to the mountains through snowboarding. Over the years, SOS has grown in numbers, incorporated a mentorship, leadership development and social justice curriculum, and expanded to include additional summer and winter adventure sports.

SOS programs combine youth risk prevention, outdoor recreation, and environmental education. SOS offers a positive outlet to underserved youth throughout the country, serving nearly 5,000 youth across 10 states annually. SOS introduces character development through a progressive curriculum centered on six core values (courage, discipline, integrity, wisdom, compassion and humility). Program participants integrate the core values through service learning and leadership training.

Without SOS and the support that I received, I don't doubt, I would have gone down the wrong path sooner or later. What Arn, Mikayla and the rest of team have given me is the path to success and change. They gave me the tools to become a leader by using courage, discipline and integrity. I am a leader, will succeed and it is all thanks to SOS Outreach. - - Abby, 10-year SOS Participant.

"We love the spirit of transcendence that ZEAL embodies. We are all about embarking on an unforgettable journey and we love to have a partner that is constantly evolving, creating and making a positive impact. ELIZABETH NEUFELD"

- Alison Teal"