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alex Deibold

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Meet Alex Deibold

East Coast born and bred, Deibold developed a passion for the outdoors in the Mountains of Vermont. After graduating high school he was named to the US Snowboard Team and headed West. He cut his teeth in the Rocky Mountains, learning to climb, raft guide, fly fish, and mountain bike. In 2014 he realized his dream of making the USA Olympic team, where he was fortunate enough to bring home a Bronze Medal in Snowboardcross. While still competing currently, Alex has been shifting more of his focus to exploring the backcountry as often as possible.

"People say you are what you eat, but I believe you also 'are what you wear.' Living sustainably isn't just about what you do, but also about what you put on your body. Wearing eco eye protection is #1 RAD, #2 benefits the planet, and #3 helps you see the world through eco lenses. Thanks ZEAL for making that possible!"

- Alison Teal

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