man with snowboard walks along side a half pipe shaped rock hill


group of people holding up a sign saying p o w protect our winters dot org


Protect Our Winters is a response to the impact of climate change on winter sports, our environment and our way of life. POW has brought together the snow sports community at large to work within the system and leverage the economic power of skiing, snowboarding and tourism to help lawmakers understand what is at stake here—our way of life.

POW's mission is to mobilize the winter sports community to lead the fight against climate change; focusing on educational initiatives, advocacy and supporting community-based projects. ZEAL works with POW throughout the year to ensure the future of our passions in a rapidly changing world.

We're elevating the voices of the winter sports community, pro athletes and industry to take meaningful action against climate change, explains POW's Chris Steinkamp.

With the entire snow sports community engaged and unified, we're moving the climate conversation forward, with the most unique and powerful voices leading the way.

We know that climate change is bad news, but never do we ever think we're doomed. The winter sports community has a very big hand in solving this, not just because we have so much at stake, but our community is full of people, athletes and companies who believe that when faced with a seemingly impossible challenge, it is in our DNA to prove the doubters wrong.

"We respect ZEAL because you’ve made a commitment to doing things the right way and are showing the industry how companies can be part of the solution through innovation and the belief that one company can spark a seed of large-scale change.- CHRIS STEINKAMP, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, PROTECT OUR WINTERS