three mountain climbers rest on top a mountain peak while they look down into the valley


John Dickey

Climber in blue coat sorts through a bundle of climbing gear
Meet Jesse Huey

Growing up in the shadow of the Cascade Mountains, adventure and athletics were always at the foreground of Jesse's life. While attending the University of Washington, he was introduced to climbing amidst a difficult pursuit of school and the demanding practice schedule of the university’s varsity rowing program. In the same way that he approached the rigors and routine of a full time collegiate athlete, his training and passion to push himself segued into his pursuit as a climber.

Fourteen years later, he is constantly training for the most beautiful, difficult, remote, technical faces in the world. Be it rock, ice, or mixed, he loves them all. In the last several years, Jesse has free climbed El Capitan in a single day, mixed climbed M11, put up first ascents all over North America, Asia, and Patagonia and repeated one of Alaska’s most difficult grade 6 routes. "For me going climbing is always easy, the biggest challenge is maintaining that symbiotic life balance of work, passion, and relationships."

"People say you are what you eat, but I believe you also 'are what you wear.' Living sustainably isn't just about what you do, but also about what you put on your body. Wearing eco eye protection is #1 RAD, #2 benefits the planet, and #3 helps you see the world through eco lenses. Thanks ZEAL for making that possible!"

- Alison Teal