person flying through air on snowboard between snow covered trees

ZEal Climber/ Explorer

Jason Antin

Skier posing on top of a snowy mountain
Meet Jason Antin

Jason Antin, a native of New England who now calls Colorado home, focuses all of his time striving to achieve the ultimate work-life balance. Beyond helping launch a handful of outdoor focused start-up companies, Jason works as the Director of Partnerships for the Adventure Film Festival. He also spends much of his time working as a Climbing Guide for Denver Mountain Guiding, as a strength and conditioning coach at The Alpine Training Center in Boulder, CO where he prepares his athletes for the physical and mental rigors of the mountains. Off the clock, Jason shares his home in Golden, CO with his wife Jenny and 2-year old daughter Avery. He enjoys moving quickly in the mountains over all mediums that mother nature shares with us whether that be trails, rock, ice or snow.

"I might never be great at any one particular discipline, but as long as I'm pursuing rigorous experience that puts me into spectacular positions with passionate people...I'll be happy."

- Jason Antin