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Ryan Waters

person with red and black coat with fur hood and blue lens ski goggles battles the cold
Meet Ryan Waters

Raised in Marietta, Georgia, Ryan Waters began gravitating towards the outdoors at a very young age and has sought the earth’s farthest corners ever since. After doing a three-year office stint, Waters traded it all in to pursue his love of climbing, living out of his truck and exploring in earnest. Ryan launched a guiding company, Mountain Professionals, in 2005 and has since mounted 14 expeditions up 8,000 meter peaks, guided all Seven Summits, skied across Greenland and Antartica, and has his sights set on even bigger missions.

Waters has worked with Zeal Optics since partnering with the brand on a glasses exchange program. "We took old shades people had turned in for discounted new sunglasses to Nepal and donated them to a porters program. I have been psyched to work with Zeal Optics ever since," adds Waters.

"Travel has inspired a lot of learning and passion in my own life. Whether sitting on the floor of a Pakistani Kitchen drinking tea over the fire, or sipping mate with a Gaucho in Chile, all things mountain and outdoors are my passions."

- Ryan Waters

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