The Elements Collection

Inspired By Nature, Ready For Adventure

The world around us inspires and shapes us. Its lines and forms are the purest expressions of art, enthusing our imagination. At the heart of this are the elements that shape the mountains, making every day and run a unique playground to study and stimulate. This year we worked with four nature photographers to capture a sense of the wonder and awe of those elements that elevate our perspective as we wander through the world.


At the heart of every winter lies the transformative powers of ice. Whether expanding and shattering, or drifting effortlessly above our heads, each crystal adds to the story.


At the heart of the mountain’s endless cycle of uplift and erosion, the stone beneath our feet forms the lines and shapes of endless wonder of the eons.


While stone may feel enduring, the seasons’ rush of water reigns supreme, crafting the form of every mountain landscape and shaping the canyons and environments that interconnect it all.


Mixed within the seeming permanence of stone, the ephemeral forms of plants and trees brings life and shelter to the seasons of the mountains.

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