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Eye Health: The Importance Of Polarized Sunglasses for Protecting Your Eyes

Top 5 Reasons To Wear Sunglasses

Always choose polarized sunglasses that block out 99% to 100% of UVA & UVB radiation to ensure your eyes are protected. Sunglasses that do not provide UV protection can cause more damage to your pupils because they dilate when the light is blocked, exposing them even more than without sunglasses.

Protect your eyes, protect the earth with Zeal Optics plant-based polarized sunglasses.

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1. UV Protection

The sun’s harmful UV rays can lead to serious, and in some cases, long-term health issues including sunburn of the eyes, cataracts, macular degeneration and cancer.

All Zeal Optics lenses block 100% of all harmful UV rays, protecting your eyes from damage and long-term health risks. Sunglasses that do not provide UV protection can actually cause more damage because they shade the eye, allowing for more UV rays to hit the pupil.

2. Skin Cancer

5% to 10% of skin cancer occurs around the eyes. Always wear quality, protective sunglasses when outdoors - whether working, driving, running, playing or watching sports and even on overcast days.

The frames also play a role, so larger frames and wrap styles should be considered for outdoor activities.

3. Eye Comfort & Glare

The sun’s brightness and glare interferes with comfortable vision and the ability to see clearly.

All Zeal Optics sunglasses are polarized and therefore eliminate 99.9% of glare. This also reduces the impact of the sun’s brightness and allows your eyes to stay relaxed. Without the need to squint and strain, you can avoid eye fatigue, excessive wrinkling around the eyes, and even headaches.

4. Dark Adaptation

Spending even a relatively short time in intense sunlight can hamper the eyes’ ability to adapt quickly to indoor light levels. Think about when you’re outside in bright light and not wearing sunglasses, then go indoors where the light is much dimmer; you see spots for a while until your eyes adjust.

By shielding your eyes from intense sunlight with our lenses, your eyes have a chance to gain faster adaptations when going from one extreme light condition to the next.

5. Blue Light Protection

High-Energy Visible Radiation (HEV), also known as blue light, has lower energy rays than UV. However, recent research suggests they can penetrate the eye, and this has been associated with AMD (age-related macular degeneration).

Zeal's Ellume Polarized lens technology is built to control specific wavelengths of visible light by reducing harmful high-energy blue light (HEV). This process eliminates color confusion so you see the colors of the spectrum more vividly.

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